Principal Investigator – Wenjie Xia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Affiliated Faculty, Materials and Nanotechnology

Affiliated Faculty, Biomedical Engineering

Affiliated Faculty, Environmental and Conservational Sciences

North Dakota State University

Ph.D., Northwestern University (2016)

Email: wenjie.xia [at]   Tel: +1 (701)-231-5648

Postdoc Fellows

Dawei Zhang, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Zhaofan Li

Ph.D. Candidate

Yangchao Liao

Ph.D. Candidate

Sarah Ghazanfari

Ph.D. Candidate

Kamrun Keya

Ph.D. Student

Wenjian Nie

Ph.D. Student

Sara Tolba

Ph.D. Student

Amara Arshad

Ph.D. Student

Long Chen

Ph.D. Student

Lan Xu

Ph.D. Student

Undergrad Students

Xia Group Alumni

Former PhD Students:

Dr. Amirhadi Alesadi – Ph.D. (2022)

Research Scientist @ Eastman Chemical, TN

Dr. Anas Karuth – Ph.D. (2023) (Co-advised with Dr. Rasulev)

Research Scientist @ Bridgestone, OH

Former Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dr. F. Fatima – Postdoc (2019-2021); now Assistant Prof. at Roanoke College

Other Alumni:

Mr. Qian Zhang – Visiting Ph.D. student, Southeast University (2019)

Mr. Ali Ghamlouch – Undergrad researcher (2020)

Ms. Ori Molares – Undergrad researcher (2021)

Ms. Katie Liberman – Undergrad researcher (2021)

Mr. Caleb Patrick – Undergrad researcher (2022)