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  • 02/2023: Dr. Xia has received the Innovation in Teaching Award! Congrats!
  • 01/2023: Congrats to Anas on successfully finishing his final dissertation defense! A great accomplishment!


  • 12/2022: New book “Fundamentals of Multiscale Modeling of Structural Materials” edited by Dr. Xia got published! It is now available on Amazon, Elsevier, Barnes&Noble, and other major bookstores!
  • 10/2022: Congrats to Amir on successfully defending his final thesis dissertation! A great accomplishment!
  • 10/2022: Congrats to our group on winning multiple NDSU College of Engineering Awards: Graduate Research Assistant by Amir, Graduate Teaching Assistant by Zhaofan, and Early Career Research Excellence Award by Dr. Xia!
  • 06/2022: Our new collaborative paper “Sticky Crumpled Matter” was featured as a cover article in Matter! Also, see the report by NDSU news!
  • 04/2022: Congrats to Amir on winning the Best Poster Award at the ND EPSCoR State Conference in Grand Forks.
  • 02/2022: Our two PhD students, Amir and Sarah, won the prestigious “IBM-Zerner Graduate Student Award” at the 61st Sanibel Symposium held in St. Simons Island, GA! Well done! Big congratulations!
  • 02/2022: Dr. Xia was invited to give a seminar in the Dept. of Civil and Architectural Engineering at U Miami. Thank Drs. Prannoy, Ruiz and Nanni for the host!
  • 01/2022: We are very excited to receive a three-year grant ($5M) from DOD Office of Naval Research led by Dr. Dean Webster. This project will advance our understanding of fundamental priciples of solid shedding surfaces.


  • 11/2021: Our group received an NSF Award (PI: Dr. Xia) on a new project (2021-2024) “Multiscale Mechanics of Adsoprtion-Deformation Coupling in Soft Nanoporous Materials”! Congrats!
  • 09/2021: Dr. Xia received the ND-ACES Early Career Faculty Award from ND EPSCoR. Congrats!
  • 06/2021: Welcome REU students Ori and Katie to join our group for doing summer research.
  • 04/2021: Congrats to Sarah on winning the Cyberinfrastructure Assistantship Award!
  • 03/2021: Our new collaborative paper on “Molecular origin of strain-induced chain alignment in PDPP-based semiconducting polymers” published in Adv. Funct. Mater.!


  • 12/2020: Congrats to Yangchao, Zhaofan and Fatima on publishing the paper “Size-dependent structural behaviors of crumpled graphene sheets” in Carbon.
  • 10/2020: Dr. Xia was invited to give a seminar in the Dept. of Civil Engineering at Case Western Reserve U. Thank Dr. Bill Yu for the host!
  • 08/2020: Zhaofan’s paper “Coarse-grained modeling of nanocellulose network towards understanding the mechanical performance” got published in Extreme Mechanics Letters. Congrats!
  • 07/2020: The newly funded NSF EPSCoR (RII Track-1 Award) Project “ND-ACSE” (2020~2025, $20M) kicked off! We are excited to be part of the project team!
  • 06/2020: Dr. Xia received the Board of Trustees Endowment Fund from the NDSU Foundation and Alumni Association. Thanks for the support!
  • 05/2020: Our group received a three-year grant from DOD Army Research Office (ARO) for a collaborative project on development of lightweight crumpled thin films!
  • 05/2020: Our collaborative paper “Toward the Prediction and Control of Glass Transition Temperature of Donor-Acceptor Polymers” got published in Adv. Funct. Mater.! Amir is the co-first author. Congrats!
  • 04/2020: Amir’s paper “Understanding the role of cohesive interaction in mechanical behavior of a glassy polymer” just got published in Macromolecules. Congrats!


  • 11/2019: Dr. Xia was invited to give a seminar in the Dept. of Coatings and Polymeric Materials at NDSU. Thank Dr. Pourhashem for the invitation!
  • 10/2019: Congrats to Anas on winning the Best Poster Award at ACS International Elastomeric Conference in Cleveland, OH. Great job!
  • 09/2019: Dr. Xia was awarded the NIST-MML Accolade for Technical Excellence!
  • 06/2019: Our group received a new grant from NASA (PI: Dr. Xia) for the development of advanced thin film coatings for planetary exploration.
  • 04/2019: Our group received the Centennial Endowment Fund from the NDSU Foundation and Alumni Association. Thanks for the support!
  • 04/2019: Our new paper on coarse-grained modeling of polymers got published in Science Advances. This work has been highlighted by the NDSU News, Northwestern News, ScienceDaily, as well as other news outlets.
  • 01/2019: Dr. Xia was invited to give a presentation at the ExxonMobil, TX.


  • 11/2018: New paper on amorphous interfaces in cellulose nanocomposites got accepted in Macromolecules!
  • 09/2018: Our group received the New Faculty and Seed Awards from ND EPSCoR. Thanks for the great support!
  • 07/2018: New paper on materials by design for assembled hairy nanoparticles published in ACS Nano.
  • 05/2018: Dr. Wenjie Xia will join the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NDSU as a tenure-track Assistant Professor this summer. A new group research website is launched!